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Homeless Puppy With Nowhere To Go, Finds Solace in Nativity Scene’s Manger


Although there are quite literally hundreds of thousands of stray dogs out there roaming the streets of this world, it is never the less heartbreaking to see, especially if you are an avid dog lover like myself. Stray dogs are defenseless, hopeless, voiceless, and often mistreated by people trying to shoo them away annoyed by just their presence alone. Stray dogs are resilient, and keep marching on because their primary motivator is survival.

This is a heartwarming story that is a throwback to 2008. I decided to pull this from the archive because it is just so beautiful.

Back in 2008, Christmas helped give this poor pup find solace from the streets in the form of a nativity scene manger.


Residents of Criciuma, a small town in Santa Catarin, Brazil , got the shock of a lifetime when they visited their local nativity scene in the town center. Their, they witnessed a German shepherd puppy, laying peacefully in the manger cuddling up to the figure depicting a baby Jesus.


Have a closer look at the image below.


The puppy looked to be cold, and was in a fetal position to keep warm in the manger. Bystanders were so moved by the story, that someone in the crowd picked up the pup, cradled him, and began sharing his story everywhere, especially on social media.


Someone eventually brought the dog in, and adopted him, thus saving him from a life on the streets. Thankfully, he is out of the cold, all thanks to the kindness and mercy of others who could no longer witness his suffering in what was perhaps the most touching moments they witnessed in their lives.


We encourage you to share this story, to encourage your friends to give this holiday season because all we have is each other in the world. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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