Horrifying video of Chinese man whipping a little dog for refusing to pull cart

A horrifying video was posted November 2nd on China’s popular social media site Weibo capturing the cruel actions of a Chinese man whipping a little dog for refusing to pull him around on a cart.

According to the Daily Mail, the man hitched the little dog to what appears to have been a child’s toy cart so the dog could pull the man along the road in the Shanghai’s Pudong area. The video shows the man sitting on the cart and the little dog lying prone on the road. When the dog refuses to get up, the man starts to beat the dog with a huge stick. The dog still doesn’t move. The man then becomes angrier and hits the dog faster and harder. A woman with a child approaches the man and tries to intervene. By that time, the dog is dragged up on his feet, but then lies down again. Each time the man drags the dog again and continues to strike it.

After the viral video emerged, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Asia PETA) tracked down the owner’s location and demanded the man surrender the dogs. (a second dog was found at the man’s home) At first he refused, but as the organization soon tweeted, “Finally he relented and gave them to us.” According to PETA, Shanghai law dictates owners can not abuse dogs, however there are no penalties.

Be the voice for those who cannot speak. If you see anyone abuse an animal, don’t be silent. It only takes a moment to change the life of an animal facing cruelty and exploitation. If you don’t speak up, who will?

The dogs are now safe and will never be abused again.

(Photos whipping a little dog via video, Miaopai and PETA)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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