Lisa Is Receiving A Blood Transfusion!

please watch her full rescue video… this is true animal rescue!! lisa is receiving a blood transfusion!!!!!

lisa is borderline… the tumour is causing anaemia and her hematocrit is extremely low. we have to give her a transfusion before we operate. as long as the tumour remains, her status will continue to decline. lisa will be operated later today!!!

please help us save her!!:

an urgent email, two young girls writing to us from a small village in the middle of the rural countryside. they were desperately begging for help, to save the life of a dog with “something horrible coming from inside her body!!”

they sent us a picture and what we saw was completely devastating. it was shocking!. the mass was perforating her chest, and growing outside, pulsating, moving, bleeding… it had a life on it´s own!.

we dont know how lisa managed to survive in such conditions while carrying around this monstrosity.

please watch her full rescue video… this is true animal rescue!!


SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. That she’s survived this far without the Ca spreading throughout her body is amazing.
    There is only one place in the world that would try to save an abandoned street dog like Lisa and that place is with Viktor.
    Thanks to those two little girls and Viktor she now has a chance.
    Sometimes ” Thank you ” seems hopelessly inadequate xx

  2. WOW I’m sure hoping you can get that mammoth thing off/out of her soon so she can start having a better quality of life. Breaks my heart to see her so scared and shaking that way. You guys do AWESOME work.

  3. I know this wonderful dog will Be operated on and recover You have rescued Mini dogs in worse shape than her and you have saved her So I have confidence That This dog will be saved And we’ll have a better quality of life thanks to all you guys at this wonderful Hospital

  4. Omg poor baby so scared and shaking! Hang in there sweet girl! In the end of all of this, it will be worth it. You will find someone to love and protect you!

  5. Ich wünsche der kleinen Lisa für heute Abend alles erdenklich Gute das sie OP ohne Komplikationen verläuft und sich ihr Zustand danach schlagartig verbessern wird !
    Euch Liebes Ärzteteam für diesen Eingriff ruhige Hände und ganz viel Glück !
    Ich werde an die kleine Maus Denken und im Gedanken bei ihr sein <3

  6. Prayers for you precious baby. You are in loving hands now and they are going to make you all better, please do not be scared. Love you honey! Xoxo! Thank you everyone!

  7. Das haben die Hunde nicht verdient eine solche Krankheit zu bekommen ich hoffe das es bald ein Mittel gibt für diese Krankheit um die Hunde zu Retten das sie wieder Glücklich sind

  8. Q são francisco de assis,esteja junto de vc lindinha,e q deus abençõe sempre,estes anjos q salvam tantos anjos maltratados !!

  9. Please Dr Viktor save this angel you can see in her face how sad she is please give her the chance to be happy God Bless you

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