Local Cops Recruit Pit Bulls Languishing In Shelters For K9 Unit

Pit bulls are an often misunderstood breed for all the wrong reasons. Perceptions, don’t always equal the truth as they are often characterized as dangerous dogs, who are too aggressive to be domesticated. That couldn’t be further from the truth because dogs learn from their owners. When owners are careless and breed dogs to do bad and horrible things, the onus should be on the owner, and not the dog.

The Bartlett Police Department in Tennessee decided to take action and solve a very serious problem with the pit bull euthanization rate and lead by example. Instead of spending $10,000 to train a German shepherd police dog, they decided to adopt pit bulls and train them instead to join the K9 unit.

The trend all over the country is changing when it comes to K9 police force training. Although German shepherds are considered to be the first choice for most departments because of their intelligence, police departments all over the country are bucking the trend. Pit bulls are just as intelligent, athletic, obedient and can be trained to do just about anything a German shepherd can do. Kudo’s to police departments all across the nation who are trying to help solve a problem that often goes undiscussed. No dog should have to die at the hands of a shelter, because of a perception that is just untrue.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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