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Lost dog wanders into high school as ‘wannabe enrollee’


In Memphis, Tennessee, a lost dog wandered into a local high school last week after he inadvertently slipped out of his owner’s backyard. According to the LocalMemphisNews, Rocko the pit bull, followed high school students into Cordova High School; moving right along down the hallway into a classroom.

It didn’t take long for students to recognize Rocko as a friendly “teddy bear,” and as Nichole Geer Roberts had been dropping her son off at school about the same time, did she notice the dog amid the crowd of students. She was able to convince school personnel to allow her to take Rocko with her to a local veterinarian to scan him for a microchip with hopes of helping find his owner rather than calling the local shelter. In addition, Nicole posted the dog’s photo online on a missing dog forum. Not long after that did Rocko’s owner, Campbell, come forward.

Not only was Rocko’s mom relieved to have her dog home, the smiling pooch made a lot of friends at school that day – so many that students even started a petition asking that Rocko be able to attend an upcoming pep rally.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned besides just having compassion and big hearts for our four-legged companions who can not speak, is another break from the stereotyped negativity of pit bulls. It would seem the “wannabe enrollee” would prefer to lie on his back in English class for a good “tummy” rub, although the jury is still out how well Rocko would do in Math class.

(Photos of the lost dog via Nichole Geer Roberts and Twitter)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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