Lost Pittie Wanders Into Middle School Looking For Help

An adorable pittie who started off the day lost and alone, ended his day with more friends than he could ever possibly imagine.

Lost Pittie Wanders Into Middle School Looking For Help

Last Thursday, Rocko the pitt bull was wandering in his backyard, when he decided to slip out of the home he shared with his family, and discover scents that peaked his interest in the front yard. He wandered far enough away from the home that he became lost, and for the first time in his young life was all alone and left to fend for himself. Rocko smartly searched for someone’s attention who could get him back on track, and that someone was a student from Cordova High School. The student captured the moment he and Rocko met on camera in the Twitter video below:

Sure enough, Rocko followed the boy into the school, and he was an instant hit right away. Pitt bulls, who are normally assumed dangerous, are often mistreated and stereotyped as angry aggressive dogs. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and the students did everything they could to protect Rocko until help could arrive.

Nichole Geer Roberts was dropping off her son at school when she saw the commotion and sprang into action. An avid animal lover herself, she knew that if the police or animal control arrived on the scene, Rocko would more than likely be taken to an animal shelter. And so she took Rocko home, in a bid to not only save his life but search for his owner.

Lost Pittie Wanders Into Middle School Looking For Help

Roberts took Rocko to a vet where he was brought in for a check up and scanned for a microchip. After no luck identifying his owner with the vet, Roberts posted his photo on an online forum for missing pets and finally there was a hit. Rocko’s owner Campbell was located and finally reunited with her beloved pup. A relieved Campbell said,

“He’s such a sweet dog and just loves everyone. I’m just so glad he was around people who recognized that and loved him right back!”

Rocko is home safe now, but that certainly doesn’t mean he was ever forgotten by the students he charmed for the brief time he was there.

Lost Pittie Wanders Into Middle School Looking For Help

Students from the Cordova High School have begun circulating a petition to have Rocko brought back to the school to attend a pep rally, and his mother Campbell has already given her blessing. Judging by how happy Rocko is in the picture below, we already know how he feels about that!

Lost Pittie Wanders Into Middle School Looking For Help

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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