Man reunited with dog who was adopted to another family

According to Wednesday’s KHOU News, a man has been reunited with his dog, who was adopted out to a family in Texas a short time ago. The dog, a Siberian husky named “Scout,” is Wesam Alkhani’s service dog – Scout helps his epileptic owner deal with seizures.

Two weeks ago, while Alkhani (who recently moved from Washington State to Texas) was visiting friends in Houston, Scout escaped and disappeared. Though Alkhani put up fliers and searched the area, he failed to find his missing dog. Later, Alkhani learned that Scout had been taken to the Pasadena Animal Shelter.

Unfortunately, by the time that Alkhani went to the shelter, Scout had already been adopted out to a new family, and the shelter refused to release the new adopter’s name to Alkhani. Desperate, the man turned to local media for help. Alkhani was hopeful that whoever adopted Scout would hear his story and be moved to reach out to him.

His idea worked – Scout’s adoptive family saw the news and agreed to meet Alkhani at the shelter to relinquish custody of their new pet. Alkhani was elated – he told KHOU News, “I can’t even describe it. I got my dog back. This is the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.”

Scout’s adoptive family was sad to see him go, but happy that has been reunited with his rightful owner – they told KHOU News, “He’s a great dog. He’s an absolutely great dog and we absolutely loved him. We’re just happy he’s able to be with his father and that he’s happy.”

(Photos/screenshots via KHOU News)


[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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