Man shot 2 puppies at point blank range over domestic dispute

A Lillian, Alabama man was arrested on Tuesday by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office and charged with two counts of aggravated animal cruelty for the alleged shooting of two puppies at point blank range with a shot gun. According to, Billy Wayne Prater was videoed during the entire disturbing incident.

In June, during a domestic dispute at the couple’s residence on County Road 32, Prater, 55, is videotaped walking into the dog pen on the property where a blue heeler puppy and a German shepherd pup were kept. Moments later, Prater shot 2 puppies at point blank range. He was then filmed loading the bodies of the pups into a front loader – presumably to bury them.


In August the disturbing incident was brought to the attention of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office who opened an investigation culminating in the arrest of Prater. The video has not been released due to the graphic nature of the content and as it is part of the investigation, evidence and ongoing case. Prater has allegedly admitted to killing the puppies.

Rest in peace little ones. Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

(Photos of man shot 2 puppies via the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office and
[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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