Mutilated kitten sold as sphynx in cruel and abusive scam

In a purported scam, an Alberta woman is the latest recipient of a severely abused and mutilated kitten sold as a sphynx breed. According to CbcCanada, cat lover Holly Rattray arranged to buy a rare sphynx kitten online after placing an advertisement hoping to find a breeder.

When her advertisement was answered by a man called Tim, Holly arranged to meet him to purchase the kitten for a discounted price. She made the two-hour car ride and met him in a parking lot. The exchange was made quickly – Tim taking off the moment he counted his money. Only later did Holly and her husband inspect the tiny female kitten, who had wounds and cuts all over her body; most likely nicks from a razor blade.

“We basically just had this kitten thrown at us that was totally, like, mutilated and sliced up,” Holly stated. “When I look back at the photos, I honestly do not know how this cat survived.”

And although she was suspicious, Holly just couldn’t believe anyone could be so cruel and deceitful. Whoever did this to the eight-week-old kitten, completely shaved the kitten bald, pulling out all hair from her ears and shaving her whiskers completely off. At first the couple thought the kitten, now named Stripes, had been crying because she missed her mother. After a trip to the veterinarian, who said in 20 years of practice had never seen anything like this, stated the kitten cried because she was in pain.

Since she bought the kitten home on Oct. 29 , her wounds have healed and the adorable feline has started to grow orange fur and act like a playful little pal. Stripes is now a loved member of the family.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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