Speak UP! They Can't


Need Help! They Denied Him Treatment And Left Him To Slowly Die!


help!!! they denied him treatment and left him to slowly die!!!!

zeus is hospitalised in intensive care… he was seen by our dermatology team this morning. his condition is catastrophic… tomorrow we will post a new video showing how he is.

a call for help in a location about 3 hours from our hospital. it´s quite a ride but it´s urgent. the has not moved, barely breaths.

we leave home at 5 in the morning.

his name is zeus, and he is completely broken… his body, his spirit have been emptied. there is nothing there anymore. it´s heartbreaking!!

in his darkest hour, he lifts his eyes, looks at me, and licks my hand.

please watch this incredible video…

zeus is in intensive care… his life is in our hands… please, help us save him…



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