Oklahoma man arrested for allegedly swinging puppy by neck

On Sunday night, an Oklahoma man was arrested for allegedly swinging his puppy by the neck. According to News 9, authorities were called to the residence of Franklin Maddox after a concerned neighbor heard a puppy’s cries.

The police arrived to the Quail Lake Apartments in Oklahoma City and found a severely injured puppy in Maddox’s apartment. The puppy was carried out of the apartment and was taken to a veterinary hospital for care – the puppy, whose name is unknown, is said to be in “critical” condition.

According to News OK, someone allegedly witnessed the 24-year-old man swinging the puppy by the neck before reaching out to 911 for help. Maddox was arrested on an animal cruelty complaint – there is no further information available at this time about the cruel situation.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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