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Police Officer Comforts Injured Pit Bulls Who Were Abandoned On The Street


At around 4:30 AM in orange County, Florida, Patrick Hennessey was on his was to work when he came upon a sight so sad, it shook him to his core. There before him were two pit bulls who had been abandoned in the middle of the street, by a heartless owner. The dogs who were more than terrified, stood by each others side, and did not stray far from each other. One of the dogs who was seriously injured, hobbled to a safe corner eventually, because he was simply in too much pain to walk on his own.

Hennessey eventually called the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, which dispatched two deputies Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs until Orange County Animal Services could come and collect the dogs. The dogs, who were more than visibly elated when the officers arrived, knew that help was finally on the way. They immediately gravitated towards the officers, showing them nothing but love.


The two dogs smothered the two officers with hugs, and even let them cuddle with them. The injured pup in particular, was treated with gauz tap to stop the bleeding on one of his paws, thanks to one of the officers who administered first aid.


The dogs and the police officers continued to hug and cuddle, until the Orange County Animal Services finally arrived to collect them. The two were eventually taken into their custody, and off the streets, where they would begin receiving care.

Shelter staffers eventually named the two dogs Justice and Liberty. They say the two are loyal to one another, kind, loving, and would make great additions to any family. Most importantly, as soon as they were rescued, they stopped being scared, because they knew deep down in their hearts, that their was in fact light at the end of the tunnel.

Due to their injuries and emotional scarring, the two dogs are in an isolation area of the shelter where they will recover, until they are well enough to find homes. Orange County Animal Services took to their Facebook page and wrote,

“Deputies Boggs and Reed comforted the two scared dogs while waiting for Animal Services to arrive. These two ladies are now safe and thriving in our care.”

Please join me in keeping Justice and Liberty in your thoughts and in your hearts.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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