Police said: Man recorded kicking, other abuse of small dog

Lexington officials are asking for the public’s help in searching for a suspect who allegedly abused a small dog and filmed it, according to officials.

Lexington Police Department was notified Oct. 16 through social media of a possible animal cruelty incident at Cedarcrest Village Apartments, according to a news release from the department.

Someone shared a video and photographs of a small white dog being kicked by a suspect several times and then being picked up and thrown down a flight of stairs at the apartment complex on the department’s Facebook page, the release stated.

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Officers, with the assistance of County of Lexington Animal Control, responded to the Cedarcrest Village Apartments and were able to locate the dog and its owner.

Officers obtained a search warrant and gained custody of the animal, which animal control will hold until completion of the investigation and court rulings, the release stated.

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