Poor Dog Discovered With Nose And Toes Cut Off

A shocking case of animal cruelty from Kansas City, Missouri. A young boxer is being nursed back to health after having his toes and nose cut off. The group who is caring for him is Midwest Animal ResQ. The group posted on their Facebook page that the dog, Yeti, was found as a stray in a suburb of Kansas City.

At first, they thought the dog had an advanced form of cancer. But is was soon determined that the devastating injuries were intentional. Most of his nose is missing, and two of his toes are gone. Erin Morse, with Midwest Animal ResQ, said they will get more results Monday and will make plans for Yeti to have reconstructive surgery.

Take a look at this poor darling

nose and toes cut off

Rescuers said that Yeti is a kind, sweet, and loving soul. If you can, please consider donating to help cover Yeti’s medical expenses, every dollar helps. Share away, people.

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]

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