Puppy rescued from earthquake rubble adopted by firemen

A puppy rescued from earthquake rubble ravaged Italian city of Norcia has been adopted by the rescue workers who saved his life. On October 29, the black and white Border collie was pulled out from beneath rocks, stones and debris.

According to Enpa Onlus, the puppy now dubbed Terremoto (translating to Earthquake), had been returned to his grateful family, but the firemen seemed to have taken a deep affection for the adorable pooch. Terremoto’s owner soon turned the dog over to the Vigili del Fuocco Cinofili and the animal group Enpa to train the little guy to rescue people and pets.

Many other pets have been successfully rescued. Police in Perugia have also adopted a few puppies to be future police canines. Still others have been happily reunited with their families. According to their latest Twitter update, Enpa Onlus, states more than 1,000 animals have been helped in the devastation of the agricultural central Italy quake zone. Some of the survivors include:

  1. 59 dogs
  2. 63 cats
  3. 13 chickens
  4. 10 tortoises
  5. 5 canaries
  6. 2 geese
  7. hedgehog
  8. hamster

(Photo of puppy rescued via Twitter Enpa)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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