Remember Betsy? You Will Cry When You See Her Today! VIDEO update

remember betsy??? you will cry when you see her today!!!!

youtube hd video:

betsy touched all our hearts, and with your help we did the impossible, a true miracle!!!

so i want you to see how she lives today… here she is… don’t miss it, you will cry with joy!!!

don’t miss the end:

our work never stops… we are counting on you… help us to continue to save lives…

SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. So amazing to see her running, and jumping and playing with her family. Thank you for the updates . Her story has touched millions of people around the world and because of people like you and the work you do , people like me will share every story . And help to support your cause . God bless you , Betsy and her new family. All the love from New York coming your way❤❤❤✅

  2. I thought I had cried the last tears I had for beautiful Betsy, but watching this video has found more tears of happiness could be shed after all. Bless you sweet Betsy, you deserve this so much xx

  3. Animals are so forgiving. Betsy was able to forgive and trust other dogs and humans after all she suffered. What a beautiful lesson in the power of love. Betsy I pray the rest of your days are filled with the same love & happiness we see on your video – you deserve it. THANK YOU for saving Betsy, she’s amazing.

  4. Humans did this to her! A dangerous human being put this dog in a fight ring and let her get torn to shreds. People who think all pitbulls are dangerous need to watch this. Despite her horrible life prior to being rescued, she is clearly a loving family pet with a degree of forgiveness that most of us should strive for!

  5. I cried throughout this video. It’s hard to see those first images of Betsy again. It’s so wonderful she has a loving home now! Betsy deserves it! She’s a beautiful, amazing dog! All dogs deserve this! I hope that very soon, laws will change and animals will be protected. It’s the only way to make sure monsters like the ones who caused such agony to Betsy, get what they deserve! God bless everybody who helped Betsy! ❤️❤️

  6. I am balling my eyes out right now for joy! I followed Betsy from day 1 and my heart is so happy she is being loved the way she should! Thank you all so very much for bringing life back to this beautiful pittie! She looks wonderful and looks so happy! ❤️

  7. You guys really are amazing thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do, what a beautiful girl, all she will know for the rest of her life is love which she truly deserves ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Have the people responsible for hurting Betsy been found and stopped from ever doing this again? She is so brave and beautiful. Heartbreaking to see her injuries but amazing she has come so far. A pure innocent soul xx

  9. Oh beautiful Betsy! I have watched you from day one when Dr. Larkhill first got you. Watched your long hard journey and how trusting and loving you were. I am crying tears of joy watching you now happy and running and playing with your family and other family dogs. You deserve the wonderful life you now have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr Larkhill for the amazing miracles you performed for Betsy,Kira and all the other animals you have saved from near death. You are a true miracle worker and extraordinary human being along with your wonderful staff. I have not been able to donate in the past but hope to be able to very soon. I am recovering from a couple of surgeries myself and will be in a much better place soon so I can donate. Your work is amazing and the world is a better kinder place with you in it!! Happy happy life dear Betsy and God bless your new family!!

  10. I just opened the e mail from you and saw this….what can I say, I am sobbing with happiness for this sweetheart. Thank you for all that you do and much love from the UK to Betsy and her new friends xxx

  11. It took everything I had to watch this video as this poor dog was in such a horrific state but I’m glad I did to see her loving life at the end had me in tears so glad there are good people in this world enjoy life now Betsey xx

  12. When Betsy was brought to you in the beginning, I had tears of sorrow and anger….now those tears are for joy. She is the most loved furbaby. Thank you for saving her, and thank you to her family that not only loves her, but continues to share her with us. ❤❤❤

  13. Watched Betsy’s story from the beginning and it brought tears to my eyes at the thought of all she had been through ,she deserves to be happy and enjoy life and thanks to you guys she is doing exactly that …love to Betsy and to all of you for having faith in her xxx

  14. I fell in love with Sweet Betsy! It’s so nice to see her living her life, the way she deserves….running, playing and loving life!! I’m so happy you found her a family with kids, and fur brother & sisters…..She deserves every second of happiness!! KEEP THE SPARKLE SWEET BETSY & LOVE LIFE!! XOXO

  15. Beautiful…so heartwarming to know that Betsy is doing so well!!!! They may get adopted but there are some babies, like Betsy, who we think of often and it is so nice to to see her happy and healthy! Kudos to her family for taking such loving care of her and her other dog siblings!!!!

  16. It broke my heart to watch the first bit of video seing her in such a terrible way. But you could see her eyes she was terrified still but she knew they were there to help her. The love in her eyes bless her all she wanted was to be loved. And how she reacted to the treatments which I can only imagine must of been so painful bless her you could tell she was a loving dog. The peaple that arrange these dog fights and breed dogs to fight are so cruel,heartless and we’ll I just can’t explain what I really think as I don’t want to swear. I hope this film touches at least a few of those peaple and they stop (we can always hope)
    It’s a miracle Betsy pulled through and didn’t give up,and what a fantastic job you all have done with her from the vets right through to her new owners. Well done your all amazing peaple. God bless you all. Hope betsy can live out her days with all the love she deserves. She’s a true fighter but in the right way. Love n hugs from the UK. Xxx xxx xxx

  17. Thank you for saving such a beautiful animal and a breed that is looked down on because of worthless people!!! As scared as she was she trusted your team and your team gave her a stronger will to live!! I’m so glad to see her with a loving family and how happy she is and how she is being loved like she’s never been loved before..

  18. Cannot stop the tears – thank you for all you do with defenseless precious animals- Betsy deserved joy and now has it – I will never understand how people can enjoy dogs being mutilated in front of them …they have no soul.

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