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Shelter Pup Who Was Nothing But a Number, Is Rescued By Woman Who Gave Her a Second Chance


At a puppy mill in Taiwan, someone didn’t like the barking of a small little puppy, and so one night when she was asleep, she was whisked away to an operating room where her vocal cords were cut. Cruel indeed. The cruelty doesn’t end there. When this mother dog to numerous litters of puppies could not produce any more children, she was dumped at a high kill shelter.

That’s where the poor dog, who was beaten down by years of abuse and breeding, was given the closest thing to a name she was ever allowed: a rusted steel tag that read 143.


For the dog named 143, life as she knew it seemed all but over. That was until Johanna Quinn of Heart of Taiwan Animal Care coordinated an effort with the rescue organization Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue to rescue dogs from that kill shelter in particular. Among those about to be rescued was 143, and so finally the dog with no voice was about to be heard in a very loud way. Quinn brought the dogs to Canada where they were to be fostered by volunteers, and 143 in particular was about to be the biggest benefactor.

The dog with no name was now dubbed Akiko, and would be fostered by a woman named Kimberley Ann Barley who brought the exhausted pup home. Akiko, who was so tired she barely left her bed to use the bathroom, was finally in the arms of safety.


A gushing Barley says,

“She had kind eyes that bulged from her little head. She was skin and bones and was missing a lot of fur. She was not afraid of me. She wanted to be close to me and we bonded instantly.”


From the very start, Barley knew that Akiko was home, but she had just changed her career, and didn’t know that she had the time to be a new pup parent due to her new hectic schedule.


Barley continues,

“I took her to a meet-and-greet where potential adopters got to spend time with her. I held back my tears every time someone filled out the adoption papers that day. I knew I couldn’t let my friend be adopted by anyone other than myself.”

And so Akiko, who goes by the name Kiko today, was adopted by Barley and has become a permanent fixture in her life. In fact, the pups life story was so inspiring, that Barley even got a tattoo of her beloved Kiko as you can see below.


Thanks to a coordinated rescue that spanned two continents, the dog with no vocal cords was heard very loud and clear. A neglected pup who went from number 143, to Kiko has a shot at a new life all thanks to kind and caring people who risked everything to make it possible.


To follow Kiko’s adventure,you can visit her Instagram page. We ask that you keep this precious pup in your thoughts and in your hearts.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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