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SICK! “Just For The Fun of It” Cruel School Kids Drown Street Dog In A Pool of Glue


In Istanbul, Turkey, a group of cruel school aged children decided to pick on a stray pup wandering the streets, by dunking him in a pool of glue, and then dragging him through the mud so that things would stick to him. They did this without any clear motive, and just for the “fun of it” as some witnesses told the rescue group He’Art of Rescue, who stepped in to help the poor street dog. The dog was in serious bad shape, as the glue became like a second skin, sticking to his skin like cement.

The weight of the glue, and the debris that amassed from sticking to him, caused great difficulty for him to walk. The glue prevented the pup from having efficient blood flow throughout his body, in addition to the agonizing pain of having debris stuck into his skin.

A heartbroken member of the rescue group took to Facebook to describe the pain and anguish the dog, who was renamed Pascal was going through saying,


“A statue made of mud and glue, a statue submissive to everything that happens around him. A statue in desperate fear of what is to come next. The remnants of once a puppy, barely alive stands as we listen to his story in shock.”

The rescue organization brought Pascal to an emergency animal clinic, where his prognosis was poor to say and write the least. The group described the pain he was in the same post saying,

“As we take him out of his box and put him on the ground, Pascal moans in pain dragging his two feet. They seem to be broken during the accident. He finds a dark corner in the examination room where he hides from us. His stare meets ours in this incredible moment of shock; betrayal, terror and pain seemed to have almost materialized in his broken soul. He is just a baby yet, but his eyes look much older. He is expecting the worst.”

Yesterday, Pascal’s condition was updated from critical to stable, and his physical condition has not deteriorated. He is fighting with every ounce of strength he has left, and doctors have began removing the layers of glue from his skin, which has brought incredible relief to him. The post concluded,

“His blood tests will come next , and after the tests for any transmissible condition that he may have attained in the street. His skin is being attended by homeopathic medicines…. Our heart is broken but we will not let Pascal go through this alone… We will do everything until he is completely recovered.”

If you or someone you know is interested in donating to Pascal’s care, or if you want to send well wishes, please visit this link.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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