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Tenant Made Homeless After He Catches and Reports Landlord Abusing Dog


A very violent woman was caught on camera abusing her dog in Manchester, England after he wouldn’t sit down and listen to commands. The dog, whose name is Lennox, was mercilessly kicked and ridiculed by the woman.


In the video, the woman can be seen kicking the dog in the kitchen, before hitting him with her shoe several times before accosting him. She then chases him around the house as he desperately tries to run away and take cover. The entire incident was filmed by her tenant Carl Gough, 20, whom she made homeless after he was caught filming the incident, imploring her to stop.

Gough told UK newspaper The Sun,

“I have been out with some friends and came home.I opened the door and went to the kitchen and she must not have seen me or something. I saw her beating the dog. It was horrific to watch. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was punishing it because it wouldn’t sit down. She then started kicking it in the hallway. Afterwards she kicked off me with when I confronted her and threw me out. She said there wasn’t a problem with it and that her partner also beats up the dog. I’m scared for it’s safety. It needs to be removed. I’d only been living there for two weeks and she’s kicked me out now. I’ve got nowhere to go so I’m going to end up sleeping on the streets.”


Gough said that he immediately contacted police after he posted the video online, however, he claims they were less than helpful. Gough continues,

“The police turned around to me and said they can’t do anything because it’s only a dog. They said if I don’t pull the videos down I can get done for harassment. I was absolutely disgusted. I haven’t done anything wrong yet the police are telling me I’ll get arrested and doing nothing about her.”

With no help from police, Gough turned to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) who under much public pressure released the following statement concerning Lennox:

“This footage came to our attention yesterday morning after it was posted on Facebook. The dog, a male Rottweiler called Lennox, is now in RSPCA care having been signed over to us by his owner yesterday and has been checked over by a vet.We are really grateful to everyone who got in touch to report this. A date has been set to interview the person in the footage. As our investigation is ongoing no further information is available at the moment.”


After going back and forth, the Fido4evereditoriall staff has made the decision to show the video of the abuse, to demonstrate how cruel animal abuser’s can be to the voiceless and helpless. Please note, we urge you to watch this video with discretion as it is very violent:

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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