This Is The Life And Death Of A Dog In The Spanish Countryside!

this is the life and death of a dog in the spanish countryside!!!
a place where brutal murderers hang dogs from trees!!!!

this is max… he has been hanged in southern spain…

when max arrived, he was howling in pain because of the rope embedded in his flesh, and burning up with fever due to the infection.

please watch his video… it’s heartbreaking…


SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. Why do people do this, look at the sadness in his eyes, yet he still trusts the vets that save him, he is so much better than the barstards who harmed him Xx

  2. There is an association called ” la casa di Axelle” in Italy, they save dogs from Perreira (the worst dog shelter in Spain) and they take the dogs to Italy and save them all ❤️ have a look at this page on FB and share x

  3. Bless you all you kind kind people. It’s folks like you that give me some hope in this world. Max is beautiful. I would gladly welcome him into my home but no more animals are allowed. You strong beautiful boy. I love you all. Peace x

  4. How is our max doing I not stop thinking about max since Monday . You keep fighting our little man . We all love u so much I know I do . I am sending you big kisses and a big hug that will be with u all the way baby xx

  5. Why aren’t people offing these fucking wastes of life? Nothing will ever change until there are REAL repercussions. If these ass-clowns knew people were walking around offing animal abusers, this shit would stop in a big fuckin hurry

  6. Poor poor boy! Such a beautiful dog I do wonder what is wrong with people when I see the pain inflicted upon innocent animals, so much evil, but then you angels restore my faith in humanity with your gentle, love, care, kindness, affection and of course treatment. Well done you beautiful people

  7. There ain’t no civilized Humans, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened. Precious MAX you are worth living on this Earth and you get all the Help needed. Thanks Viktor

  8. I love this dog so much I want him curled at the foot of my bed to be loved and adored and never feel anything but joy again. God bless you Max. You’re safe now.

  9. I don’t understand the human race and how they can be so cruel! What do theses poor animals do to them absolutely nothing they all just want to be loved. I am just disgusted

  10. Sadly, it seems that hunters in Spain hang dogs that don’t come up to scratch. But they want to punish them, so hang them slowly. This is just one story. As Viktor says, there is worldwide cruelty, to all animals. This includes farm animals, horses, wild animals – check out circus’s for a start. Cruelty is everywhere. If humans can’t treat other humans with respect and love, what on earth chance do animals have???

  11. Max…. your spirit is unbreakable and shines as bright as a star. Stay strong and heal with all the love and respect being given and sent to you. So much love.

  12. You are in my prayers precious baby. I am so glad you are in such loving hands. Will be checking in on how you are doing! Love you baby! Xoxo! Thank you everyone!

  13. wie kann man nur sowas einem Hund antun ich verstehe das nicht was sind das nur für Menschen es gibt doch ein Sprichwort und das sollten wir uns doch alle zu Herzen nehmen

  14. This POOR boy…such a young life. What destructive, despicable persons could do such a thing…I have no faith in humans…

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