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This man caught throwing dog into dumpster then beating: deny’s clear evidence


A case of alleged animal abuse was caught on surveillance camera at the Villa Sierra apartment complex in Chico last week.

The video shows a man, Andrew Lavato, throwing his dog into a dumpster and allegedly beating her with a stick.

The landlord of the complex posted the surveillance video on Facebook with an intense reaction.

“Everything I saw in the video is ridiculously and pathetically evil,” said Achilles Valoren, a concerned Citizen.

A neighbor described what she saw in person, “I saw him throw the dog in the dumpster and then I heard glass bottles breaking. I thought the dog was dead.”


“There’s no reason to ever throw a living being in a dumpster and hit in the head. I don’t care who you are or what the reasons are it shouldn’t happen,” said Ashley Bowles, Neighbor.

But Lavato says the video does not tell the whole story.

He says he was not hitting the dog but was hitting the sides of the dumpster to scare and discipline her.

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However, his neighbors who witnessed the ordeal say the dog was being abused.

People who have seen the video were outraged, saying violence is no way to discipline an animal.


“When you beat something and throw it in a trash can and grab it by the throat and hold it by the collar and throat, which could do damage to the larynx, you could traumatize an animal. You could physically hurt it and the fact is that animal is more likely to hurt someone down the road,” said Valoren.

Several neighbors called Animal Control and Chico Police.

A Police K-9 Unit Officer investigated the case by evaluating the dog tail to snout and found no injuries.

Others believe the dog owner should pay for his actions.

“I think they should be prosecuted. I think they should be put in jail and I think they should be heavily charged,” said Candace Lang, Concerned Citizen.

Whether he beat the dog inside the dumpster or not, neighbors say this is animal abuse and thousands on social media who saw the video agree.

Lavato says he is suing the landlord of the property for putting up the video on social media.

Chico Police officers say the dog owner was given a lecture about his actions, but was not charged.

Officers also say after the investigation, Lavato gave the dog to a third party and does not have possession of her anymore.

Action News Now tried to meet up with the dog owner several times, but he did show up to the scheduled interview.

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]



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