This woman devastated: Pregnant stray killed after going to shelter

A woman is devastated after the pregnant stray dog that she picked up and took to an animal “welfare” facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was killed. According to KTUL News, Carol Towry was trying to be a good Samaritan when she picked up the pregnant dog, dubbed “Brownie,” and took her to the City of Tulsa Animal Welfare (TAW) agency.

Towry did not want the dog to deliver puppies on the streets, so she took her where she hoped the dog, and her unborn puppies, would be safe. Towry visited Brownie at the shelter, and she utilized social media to garner attention for the impounded dog.

The social media networking appeared to be working – several rescue agencies stated that they were interested in taking the dog and her puppies in, but they never got the chance. Brownie and her unborn puppies were killed as soon as the mandatory three-day stray hold expired.

Jean Letcher, the TAW manager, claims that no rescue agencies expressed interest in saving Brownie and advised that the pregnant dog was “euthanized” because the facility was too full. Letcher provided her reasoning for having Brownie destroyed, “We already have one mom with 10-day-old puppies and another mom with 10- to 15-day-old puppies in the shelter, and we did not need any more puppies.”

Towry is devastated and feels betrayed – in fact, she has stated that she wishes that she had just left Brownie to fend for herself on the streets. Towry stated, “We failed her, the system failed her.”

Brownie’s sad, untimely death is an important reminder of the importance of altering pets. Rest in peace Brownie.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]

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