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Thought Help Might Never Arrive, Tiny Little Chihuahua Living In The Middle Of The Freeway


California’s Interstate 605 is a vast highway, that is one of the most dangerous places to get lost in. For one senior pup named Fae who was trapped on the highway, her situation could have turn bleak, had it not been for a good Samaritan who spotted the 10-year-old Chihuahua to bring her to safety.

The man who found Fae swept her into his arms, placed her in his car, and took the sickly, very weak pup to his home. The intention was to adopt Fae, however, his wife told him he could not keep her in the home. That day, Fae was brought to the Baldwin Park Animal Services, where she began her kennel run. The man told the shelter all about how he saved Fae, and so they decided to do everything they could to help her find a home. They called  Elaine Seamans, who happened to be on her way to the shelter anyways, and asked if she could help.

Elaine said,


“I was told by the sergeant there that a man found her on the freeway. I was like, ‘Where on the freeway?’ And he said, ‘On the freeway, not on an off-ramp or anything like that. On the freeway. “

The man who dropped Fae off at the shelter had tears in his eyes, as Elaine continues,

“To me it was an emergency situation. Her mouth was a total disaster, oh my god. But she was eating and when I put her down, she walked just fine. I had to keep stopping her and picking her up and saying, ‘Don’t go away.”

Elaine continues,

“I gave her soft food and water and a blanket. When I smashed up the soft food with a tongue depressor, she growled at me. The attitude. I thought, ‘You are going to be OK.’”


Fae’s surliness actually ended up helping her because a man who happened to be visiting a shelter that day looking for a new pup, was instantly attracted to her. The man, who goes by the name Gåtor. Gåtor, who had just turned 50 years old, wanted to commemorate his years on this earth, by impacting someone else’s life. Fae was truly lucky indeed.

Fae and Gåtor are now living in their new forever home together, forever. Not bad for a dog who was forgotten and left to die on the side of a highway. Fae is now getting the love she rightfully deserves, all thanks to people who took the time to care.

The animal advocacy group the At-Choo Foundation is looking to pitch in some help to help pay for Fae’s medical bills. If you or someone you know is interested in making a donation to her care, please visit this link. In the meantime, please keep Fae in your thoughts and in your hearts as she recovers both physically and emotionally.

[Source Story: Fido4ever ]

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