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Two women in court after dog ‘tortured and hanged’


Two women appeared in court accused of animal cruelty after a dog was allegedly tortured and hanged at a Wirral house .

The small crossbreed named Jack was allegedly beaten and killed at a house in Corbyn Street, Wallasey , in November last year.

Laura Hurst, 21, whose address cannot be reported, has been charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Court documents allege she subjected the dog “to torture by hanging and beating him which led to his death”.


Hurst, wearing a burgundy hooded top and black leggings, made a brief appearance before a district judge at Wirral Magistrates Court today.

She did not enter a plea and the case was adjourned until December 20 for further psychiatric reports. Hurst was given unconditional bail.

Lisa Hurst, 47, of Whetstone Lane, Birkenhead , said she was asleep when the dog was tortured but admitted a charge of failing to prevent the causing of unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The charge against Hurst, who appeared in court wearing a green casual coat with a fur hood, states she was responsible for the dog and “failed to take such steps as were reasonable in all the circumstances” to prevent him being tortured.

District judge Michael Abelson adjourned sentencing until November 30 and gave Hurst unconditional bail.

The dog was allegedly tortured by Laura Hurst and a third defendant, Jamie Weir, 20, of Home Farm Road, Woodchurch, who is also charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

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The charge against him states he “caused unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, namely a small crossbreed type dog by the name Jack, by an act, namely by subjecting him to torture by hanging and beating him which led to his death, and you knew or ought reasonably to have known that the act would have that effect or be likely to do so.”

Weir was represented at the hearing by a solicitor but is currently in a secure hospital and did not attend court.

No plea was entered and he was given unconditional bail.

The case against him was adjourned until December 20.

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