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Video of dog abuse, man beating small scared dog: Goes Viral


Aggieland Humane Society is helping find a foster home for a dog surrendered by its owner after a video went viral of the man mistreating the dog.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Aggieland Humane Society is trying to find a foster home for a dog surrendered by its owner.

Yesterday a video went viral on Facebook that showed a man allegedly abusing his dog and asking for authorities to respond. Turns out police have been to the home several times in the last year to check on the dog after the same neighbor called in reports of the abuse.

“We traditionally do a follow up just to check on the animal after we got a call for that, so in that week following that call for service our animal control officers actually went by and check on the dog five separate times,” Lieutenant Steve Brock said.

The last call to the police was made on November 1st, and when the police arrived this time, the owner surrendered the dog and said it was not worth it anymore.

“The dog has been delivered to Aggieland Humane and they are taking care of him right now, and getting him prepped for adoption,” Brock said.

We want to point out, the owner is not charged with a crime at the point and the investigation is still on going.

[Source Story: HumansLovingAnimals ]

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