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Village divided if friendly lame ‘Fred the fox’ should be euth’d


A few weeks ago, an adorable fox with a deformed leg strayed into the village of Riccall in North Yorkshire, England. And now the village is divided as whether to euthanize “Fred the fox” because the wild animal has become “too friendly for his own good” reports the Daily Mail.

And so it happened much to the delight of children and many local residents – the wily fox wagged her tail and strolled down the street followed by her admirers … and even given her own Facebook page to recount her amusing antics. (She was originally named Fred when the villagers thought she was a male.)

Maybe a bit foxy inquisitive and capricious, the little thief stole a local resident’s boot left on his porch and periodically invaded the local trash cans strewing garbage around. When it was conjectured Fred the fox was too tame for her own good, the feisty foxy pooch was trapped, but one  can only imagine Fred’s  distress at being held captive.

Now confined to a pen at The Wildlife Orphanage and Hedgehog Hospital, founder, Annette Pyrah described Fred’s  capture:

“This is one wiley little fox and was a devil to catch.  However, whilst a lady distracted her with liver cake, I took a superman dive and caught it.  Sadly the fox is semi tame and has a broken back leg.  It hasn’t been able to fend for itself and has been dependent on humans for food.  It was probably abandoned as a cub and hand fed in someone’s garden.  It is very used to taking food from your hand.”


As to euthanizing Fred the fox, Annette only sees that as a last resort, however the problem is Fred is neither tame nor wild and can never hunt for herself, but is too miserable being held captive.

On Friday, Annette updated Fred’s status:

“The fox has now been transferred to a larger Rescue who have a superb outdoor facility.  The future is looking much brighter for this beautiful fox.”

Fred will need an operation on her back leg. To donate to Fred’s recovery, please click here.

(Photo of Fred the fox via The Wildlife Orphanage and Hedgehog Hospital)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]



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