Waited Weeks For Someone To Rescue Her, Abandoned Pup Dumped At a Local Cemetery

When Angelica’s owners no longer wanted her as part of the family, they took her to a remote cemetery, and dumped her. From that point forward, the poor pup had to fend for herself with no access to food, water, or care. Angelica was in desperate need of help, and thankfully, someone finally noticed her.

Hope For Paws

Angelica, who was abandoned at the cemetery over a month ago, was spotted by a good Samaritan, who called Eldad Hagar of the rescue group Hope For Paw’s, after watching one of the rescue groups videos. Hagar, and another member of the group Lisa Arturo drove all the way out to the cemetery on a mission to locate and rescue Angelica. When they got there, it took them some time but they were able to finally spot her. In the beginning, Angelica was a bit timid and took cover near some bushes. However, after some gentle coaxing, she warmed up to Hagar and Arturo and was more then ready to surrender. She could sense they were there to help, and not hurt her.

Hope For Paws

As soon as Arturo started offering her food, the hungry Angelica came right out of her shell, and began devouring what might have been her first meal in days. After that, it didn’t take much for Angelica to relax and be at ease. She knew from this point on, she was in some very good hands.

Hope For Paws

Hagar said,

“Lisa approached calmly, and Angelica surrendered right away and you can see the relief in her eyes. Seven minutes after we spotted Angelica, she was already in my car.”

Hope For Paws

After being left alone for so long, Angelica was just excited and relieved at the same time to see people.

Hope For Paws

Angelica was taken in by rescue organization, Rescue From the Hart and is presently in foster care, enjoying every minute of a new lease on life.

Hope For Paws

Hagar concludes,

“She is so loving, playful, loves people, dogs and toys. She is so happy to be alive and all she needs now is a loving forever home.”

If you or someone you know is interested in giving Angelica the forever home she rightfully deserves, please visit her Pet Finder profile for more information.

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