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What they found was described as “appalling” and “one of the worst neglect cases” they have ever seen


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Susan works at a group home just down the road from a property owned by Atwood Timmons II.

61-year-old Timmons was arrested Friday and is looking at 171 charges, more than a dozen of which are for animal cruelty.

Susan adds, “We didn’t know that nobody was back there til, just like I said, Friday and we seen a car go back that way and that’s when somebody said that someone lives back there.”

Just two days before his arrest, investigators from Delaware Animal Services made their way out to the property on Deep Branch Road.


What they found was described as “appalling” and “one of the worst neglect cases” they have ever seen.

Investigators found 14 dogs severely neglected and riddled with parasites. Four animals were found dead. Neighbors we spoke to tell 47 ABC they no had idea this was the case, so close by.

“I’m in shock. Yeah I don’t know like it, I have a dog obviously so yeah it’s not cool,” explains Holly Buckworth.

Holly Buckworth lives just a a couple hundred feet down the road from Timmon’s property. She moved in, in October.

She tells 47 ABC she remembers around that time seeing a dog roaming near her home.

“We noticed that there was a chocolate lab running around on our property and it took a couple of weeks to realize he didn’t belong to anybody.”


Buckworth describes the dog she saw as sickly and hurt, but she admits she hasn’t seen the dog for about a week.

“He was hiding behind the shed, I called him, we walked up to him but he would not let us come to him. He would keep scurrying away.”

And now that she’s heard about Timmon’s arrest and the number of dogs he had. She tells us she wouldn’t be surprised if that dog was one of his.

“That’s a crying shame,” exclaims Susan.

Holly adds, “There’s no excuse for it people should be punished for that.”

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