You Have To See This… Before And After!!! Lisa’S Operation!!

watch till the end.. this is medical science at it´s finest:

you have to see this… before and after!!! lisa’s operation!!

lisa remains hospitalised at the intensive care unit… in a few days she will start chemotherapy to try stop cancer from coming back..

help us save her!!!


SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. Amazing… how much of her lung was removed? I hope and pray she makes a complete recovery and live for many more years cancer free. Where did the tumor start at?

  2. Just saw the surgery video. You people are amazing! 99.9% of the vets out there would probably euthanize this sweet girl. Donating what I can, at least she will now know love.

  3. That’s wonderful I know that she’s going To definitely Beat the cancer With the chemo helping and the removal of that large tumor She also has to be feeling much better not having that. Thank God those girls wrote to you and you are able to save another sweet innocent dog

  4. My heart breaks for sweet Lisa, I hope you can stop the cancer coming back. Sending love and hugs and get well wishes to Lisa. <3

  5. Good evening Dr. Voktor. would you be kind enough to let Milo’s pals know how our kitty cat is doing? I am very worried about MIlo, TeoTeo and Lisa!! I’m praying that they all get stronger with each passing hour. Dr. Larkhill bless you and your staff for working so very hard to save not only Milo, but Teo and Lisa!!

  6. Ahhhh baby girl, you did it!!! You came through that horrible operation, I,m so happy now , your happy home is coming soon , hang on in there sweetie xx thank you Viktor and team..x

  7. It was bloody enormous!!!! I am guessing the first part was about her lungs? She must feel a whole lot lighter now she doesn’t have to drag that thing around with her. Bless her. Get better very soon Lisa. Maria will hug you better now 😀 xx

  8. I am over the moon happy for you sweet Lisa. Viktor you and your entire team are wonderful. Thank you for helping this brave little girl and all the other animals. God bless each one of you. Hoping for a speedy recovery and great life for Lisa. You are angel’s here on earth.

  9. Absolutely amazing!!! I can’t even imagine what it must have been like carrying that around! She is going to feel so much better now. Thank you to Viktor Larkhill and team!!!!

  10. There are no words to truly express the admiration and gratitude I have for each and every individual involved in taking care of these animals! So happy that sweet girl is on her way to recovery!

  11. Bless her cotton socks , she will feel so much better now she’s rid of that tumour hope she makes a really speedy recovery , thank you for saving her x

  12. Absolutely amazing; lisa’s will to live with such a horrendous tumor draining her day by day.Her trust at the beginning lets me know at one time she was loved. It is such an atrocity to abandon a beautiful girl like her in her time of need. I am so thankful for those that have a heart. She is so worth it!!

  13. Lisa looks really better! I am sure she will beat this cancer with your help and love! She is now going to know what a life filled of love is! Thanks to you, this is really wonderful

  14. Shared shared I am glad she came through the surgery and I hope she recovers okay so she can be adopted or rescued or fostered with a loving family

  15. Que descanso para su cuerpecito, sin esa masa enorme! Y de nuevo la chica rubia, en el video, que bien que la tengan a ella cerca para cuidar de los animales convalecientes!!

  16. Wow what a lump, thank you, she looks so so different and eyes seem to know you are helping. Is the main tumour a mammary one?

  17. Je ne sais pas écrire en anglais mais je ne peux que vous admirez et souhaiter que cette petite chienne se remette au mieux et trouve une famille aimante, elle le mérite

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