Emergency! Nina Has Been Abused, She Has Multiple Fractures, And Finally Abandoned In The Highway To Die Of Pyometra!

emergency!!! just today!!! nina has been abused, she has multiple fractures, and finally abandoned in the highway to die of pyometra!!!

yorkshire terriers are a very fashionable breed… everyone seems to have one, or want to have one. the amount of abandoned, neglected and abused yorkies is staggering.

nina has been found trying to climb the ditch on the side of the highway. nina´s jaw presents multiple consolidated fractures… bones, broken multiple times over the years, left to heal on their own. imagine the pain…

nina has pyometra, a uterus infection. her uterus is filled with pus… if untreated, this condition will kill her in a matter of days.



SIMPLE act as share this story on Facebook or Twitter are really WORKS to help.
So we are closer to finding the LOVE for this precious pup rightfully deserves.
We have done it before and can certainly do it again. Thank you


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  1. So sorry she has so many things wrong with her, especially the fractures (how?) I wish someone, somewhere could punish all the animal abusers. I can’t say what i would like to do to these people. Have donated towards this precious girls care.

  2. Dr. Larkhill, will you please let us know how Mr.Milo the cat is progressing? I love Milo and worry so much about him. I promise you and I have promised Milo that I will make other donations for his care when I get some more money. Thanks for caring for MIlo and thank you so very, very much for having helped Betsy!! God bless you, your staff and Mr. Milo and Ms. Betsy!!

  3. Poor lil girl,sadly this happens sooo often,those animals being used as a machine ´s to make money for their owners,its just soooo good u have found her,many others dont have such a good luck and chance to live a better life.thank you Viktor for doing what you do and not giving up …hope Nina will get better soon,she is in the best hands now❤️

  4. My first dog was a Yorkie and I know they have a mind like a lion, but are physically frail. To treat such a small creature in this way … It makes me so terribly upset! Little Nina, I have sent a contribution to make you healthy and later come to people who loves you and who never would hurt you. You are in good and gentle hands now. Love and kisses on the nose ❤️

  5. OMG so they broke her jaw more than once and left it to heal on it’s own? How horrible. She must have been in such agony. And now pyometra? Poor, sweet baby. Hold on Nina. You’re in the best hands possible!!

  6. If everyone commenting here and reading Nina’s story as well as sending prayers and good wishes ( which is both great of course) would add a little donation- even if it’s just one Euro or Dollar ( I guess everyone paying for access to the internet should be able to afford that) the team would also have financial background. Don’t get me wrong please, no insult intended- but it’s money paying the hospital bills, not prayers. Thanks a lot in the name of all rescued animals <3

  7. Wow this is the second Yorkie in the past 2 weeks Social sweet fragile innocent animal People should be ashamed of themselves to do such a thing to a sweet innocent animal Will be praying That this sweet girl Can get the care and love she deserves That will pull her through We know she’s in a good place with you guys

  8. A long line of never ending abuse of animals…. every time when one is saved, another victim of human cruelty comes in sight. What the hell is wrong with people? How can you let your dog have broken bones and not fix it?? How can you be so indifferent to the suffering of someone else, whether human or animal?? I;m glad she is with you, but as long as people don’t change, this will never stop!

  9. Omg why are people so cruel. Nina I pray for your full recovery, please hold on and be strong enough to keep fighting. There is a whole life out here just waiting for you, it’s not all bad, so you need to pull through this to see it, you deserve so many days of love and life…sending you all my love xoxo

  10. So sad how sick people are to hurt something so small. I keep thing what do they do to their children. I believe in karma and someway they will get. What they deserve. Please Dr Viktor help this little angel. God Bless this angel and you i cant donate this month but i will ny next ss check

  11. I can’t believe people do that to these animals, I have 2 yorkies and can’t imagine if their jaw was broken, they are only 4-5 lbs. and some big bully fractures the jaw of a dog about 4-5lbs puppy. Creeps.

  12. Oh precious baby, I am so sorry that you have been so abused! You are in wonderful kind hands now and no one will ever hurt you again! You are in my prayers! Love you baby! Xoxo! Thank you everyone!

  13. I don’t understand it. Why aren’t the laws harder on these people who hurt animals? My pets are my babies. If someone were to hurt someone’s child they’d be in prison for super long time so why aren’t these abusers? These animals are more living and loyal then most humans.

  14. These people are monsters how many more animals need to be abused before some thing is done some kind of law should be brought in so if you get a pet you should be vetted to se whether your mentally stable to care for one

  15. aww poor little baby as a lover of this breed having owned them years ago yet again it breaks my heart but l know the team will do the best they can for her sending lots of healing hugs xxxxx

  16. I am well aware, 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but not wen it cmes to innocent defenseless animals…5 mins with a baseball bat n this Lil baby’s abuser, thts all I need.

  17. So sorry sweet puppy ! Sometimes I dnt weather to put engery cuz the ppl who dumped or sad forty the pup or happy cuz she’s saved I guess I am all but most I am happy she’s saved and going to be helped .

  18. I am openly weeping watching this video asking God why he allows this to happen? I am so distraught. This has broken my heart.

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