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Outrage after dog drowned when thrown off pier


In Gulfport, Florida, animal advocates are outraged after a dog drowned when thrown off a pier just one day before Thanksgiving.  A heavy chain had been attached to the pit bull’s collar when his owner tossed the dog into the water, who was then unable to stay afloat.

Joe Bradford was Rock’s owner, and according to WtspNews, he loved his dog. According to Bradford, when he realized his dog was drowning, Bradford jumped in – pulled him out of the water, tried CPR, but it was all too late. Bradford claimed he was giving the dog a bath and had done so before, however he hadn’t realized the chain and the attached lock were too heavy for Rock to compensate and stay afloat. The Gulfport Police Department has not charged Bradford with any wrongdoing.

When the news and the photos of the chain and the lock that had been attached to Rock’s collar were made public on the Facebook page of animal advocate, Eagle Finegan, the disturbing news spread quickly.

“As explained to me by the Officers.. (yes, they took time to talk to me) First, the witnesses are all local minors. They were crying, very upset, and all told the basic same story, but the time line was different as to how long it took the Scum to jump in. But all said the dog was dead, before he jumped in. No law as to how, large or heavy a chain can be. Please note the size of the lock on the chain. The case has been forwarded to the States Attorney. My point was, just the act of throwing the dog in was reason enough to arrest him. He was more concerned about the chain, than the dog,” Eagle posted.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sgt. Thomas Woodman of the Gulfport Police Department announced the Assistant State Attorney and the investigating officer will discuss this case on December 5, and decide if Bradford will be charged in connection with Rock’s death.

Rest in peace Rock. We are sorry you were failed by the one person you thought you could trust.

(Photos of dog drowned via Facebook page Eagle Finegan)

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]


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