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Social media in a frenzy after killing of two beloved dogs


Social media is in a frenzy following the death of an Ohio man’s two beloved dogs. The unbridled anger of Facebook users is being directed to one profile in particular following an article published by Outdoor Hub which links to the profile of the alleged hunter who is accused of killing Pete Byers’ dogs, Emmy and Bella.

Before you rush to add comments of rage and condemnation, you should know that the Facebook page for the accused shooter is a fake. The page was just recently created and the posts are obviously being created to incite more anger.

One post shows the two dead dogs and says “A clean kill.”

Whoever created the profile for the accused shooter is clearly toying with angry dog lovers – a recent post reads,”If I could go back and do the same thing again I would. I hate Pit Bulls.” There is even a link (fake) to a fundraiser to help cover the “legal fees” which could possibly follow the death of the two dogs.

It’s okay to be outraged over the killing of these dogs – but there is no need to waste your energy on angry comments for someone who isn’t the actual shooter. The case is under investigation (for real) by the local authorities.

[Source Story: Pet Rescue Report ]


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